Membership of the NIAC Science Council

USRA's management of NIAC includes valuable oversight by the NIAC Science Council which has a rotating membership of at least nine members. Normally, each member serves three years and three members are eligible to rotate off the council each year. Council members are appointed by the USRA Board of Trustees. Current members are listed in the table below. Members are invited to join the Council based on their experience and technical backgrounds consistent with the intent of stimulating a technically diverse and vigorous review of NIAC's accomplishments and future plans. The NIAC Science Council meets twice a year corresponding to the NIAC Annual Meeting and Annual Phase I Fellows Meeting. This schedule allows the council members to actively participate in these meetings, to receive first-hand views of NIAC activities and to interact with NIAC Fellows and other attending members of the research community.

Dr. Donna Shirley -- Chair Science Fiction Museum
Dr. John Cramer University of Washington
Dr. Lynda Goff University of California at Santa Cruz
Gen(Retired) Lester Lyles The Lyles Group
Dr. R. Keith Raney Johns Hopkins University
Parker Stafford Consultant
Dr. Jack Stuster Anacapa Sciences Incorporated
Dr. Michael Yarymovych Aerospace Consultant