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NIAC Process

To generate the ultimate infusion of successful concepts into NASA's long-term plans, NIAC follows a process of Inspiration, Solicitation, Review, Selection and Nurturing leading to Infusion of the concepts into NASA. Throughout this process, NIAC will engage in critical ongoing activities for:

  • Inspiration and encouragement of paradigm-changing innovations.
  • Solicitation, review by innovative peers, and selection of advanced concepts.
  • Collaboration and communication with NASA at all levels.
  • Collaboration and connectivity with all constituencies of the technical community outside of NASA, including other government agencies.
  • Education and outreach to the technical community, the nation's educational system, and the mainstream media.
  • Nurturing of NIAC advanced concepts by collaborating with NIAC Fellows.
  • Feedback from NASA, other agencies and all constituencies of the technical community.
  • Infusion and transition of successful concepts into NASA's long range plans.
The NIAC Arrow shows the pathways for infusion into NASA for successful studies