June 2000 Annual Meeting

Dr. Neville J. Woolf Very Large Optics for the Study of Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets University of Arizona
Arthur Palisoc Large Telescope Using Holographically Corrected Membranes L’Garde Inc.
Dr. Paul Gorenstein An Ultra High Throughput X-Ray Astronomy Observatory With A New Mission Architecture - Phase II Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Dr. Webster Cash X-ray Interferometry University of Colorado
Dr. Ralph R. McNutt A Realistic Interstellar Explorer The Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Jordan Maclay Feasiblity of Communications Using Quantum Correlations Quantum Fields LLC
Dr. Steven Dubowsky Self-Transforming Robotic Planetary Explorers Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thomas Vaneck A System of Mesoscale Biomimetic Roboswimmers for Exploration and Search of Life on Europa Physical Sciences Inc.
Dr. Peter Molnar Self-Organized Navigation Control for Manned and Unmanned Vehicles in Space Colonies Clark Atlanta University
Anthony Colozza Planetary Exploration Using Biomimetics Ohio Aerospace Institute
Chris Van Buiten Autonomous VTOL Scalable Logistics Architecture Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Jason Tyll Environmentally-Neutral Aircraft Propulsion Using Low-Temperature Plasmas GASL, Inc.
Dr. Ilan Kroo The Mesicopter: A Meso-Scale Flight Vehicle Stanford University
Kerry T. Nock Global Constellation of Stratospheric Scientific Platforms Global Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Christopher Brown Programmable Plants: Development of an In Planta System for the Remote Monitoring and Control of Plant Function for Life Support Dynamac Corporation
Dr. Penelope Boston Scientific Exploration and Human Utilization of Subsurface Extraterrestrial Environments: A Feasibility Assessment of Strategies, Technologies and Test Beds Complex Systems Research, Inc.
Dr. James Powell Development of Self-Sustaining Mars Colonies Utilizing the North Polar Cap and the Martian Atmosphere Plus Ultra Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Robert P. Hoyt Moon & Mars Orbiting Spinning Tether Transport (MMOSTT) Tethers Unlimited, Inc.
John Grant Hypersonic Airplane Space Tether Orbital Launch (HASTOL) Study - Phase II The Boeing Company
Dr. Robert M. Winglee Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion, M2P2 University of Washington-Seattle
Dr. George Maise Exploration of Jovian Atmosphere Using Nuclear Ramjet Flyer Plus Ultra Technologies, Inc.
Bradley Edwards The Space Elevator Eureka Scientific, Inc.
Kerry T. Nock Cyclical Visits to Mars via Astronaut Hotels Global Aerospace Corporation
Dr. Eric R. Rice Advanced System Concept for Total ISRU-Based Propulsion and Power Systems for Unmanned and Manned Mars Exploration Orbital Technologies Corp.
Christopher England Mars Atmosphere Resource Recovery System (MARRS) Engineering Research Group
Dr. Alex Ignatiev New Architecture for Space Solar Power Systems: Fabrication of Silicon Solar Cells Using In-Situ Resources University of Houston
Dr. Douglas O’Handley System Architecture Development for a Self-Sustaining Lunar Colony Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC)