June 2001 Annual Meeting

Dr. Robert Cassanova Opening Presentation NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Dr. Bruce Jakosky Keynote Speaker University of Colorado
Dr. Ralph L. McNutt A Realistic Interstellar Explorer Johns Hopkins Applied Physics
Dr. Steven Dubowsky Self-Transforming Robotic Planetary Explorers Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Neville J. Woolf Very Large Optics for the Study of Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets University of Arizona
Dr. Paul Gorenstein An Ultra-High Throughput X-Ray Astronomy Observatory with a New Mission Architecture Smithsonion Institution, Astrophysical Lab
Dr. Webster Cash X-Ray Interferometry University of Colorado
Bradley Edwards The Space Elevator Eureka Scientific
Dr. George Maise Exploration of Jovian Atmosphere using Nuclear Ramjet Flyer Plus Ultra Technologies
Dr. Kerry Nock Cyclical Visits to Mars via Astronaut Hotels Global Aerospace
Dr. Eric Barron Keynote Speaker Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Robert M. Winglee The Mini-Magnetospheriic Plasma Propulsion, M2P2 University of Washington
Dr. Ilan Kroo Mesicopter: A Meso-Scale Flight Vehicle Stanford University
Dr. Kerry Nock Global Constellation of Stratospheric Scientific Platforms Global Aerospace
Dr. Robert P. Hoyt Moon & Mars Orbiting Spinning Tether Transport (MMOSTT) Tethers Unlimited
Mr. John Grant Hypersonic Airplane Space Tether Orbital Launch Study Boeing
Dr. Eric E. Rice Advanced System Concept for Total ISRU Based Propulsion and Power Systems for Unmanned and Manned Mars Exploration Orbital Technologies Corporation
Anthony Colozza Planetary Exploration using Biomimetics Ohio Aerospace Institute
Andrew Keith Autonomous VTOL Scalable Logistics (AVSLA) Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation