March 1999 Annual Meeting

Dr. Ilan Kroo Mesicopter: A Meso-Scale Vehicle Stanford University
Mr. Charles Stancil Electric Toroid Rotor Technology Development Georgia Tech Research Institute
Dr. Robert P. Hoyt Cislunar Tether Transport System Tethers Unlimited, Inc.
Dr. Steven D. Howe Enabling Exploration of Deep Space: High Density Storage of Antimatter Synergistic technologies, Inc.
Dr. Clark W. Hawk Pulsed Plasma Power Generation University of Alabama-Hunstville
Mr. Clint Seward Low-Cost Space Transportation using Electron Spiral Toroid Propulsion Electron Power Systems, Inc.
Dr. Robert M. Winglee The Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion, M2P2 University of Washington
Dr. Geoffrey A. Landis Advanced Solar- and Laser- Pushed Lightsail Concepts Ohio Aerospace Institute
Dr. Ron Jacobs A Biologically Inspired Robot for Space Operations Intelligent Inference Systems Corp.
Dr. Robert E. Gold SHIELD: A Comprehensive Earth Protection System Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Steven Dubowsky Self-Transforming Robotic Planetary Explorers MIT
Dr. Dr. Ralph McNutt A Realistic Intersteller Explorer Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Mark E. Campbell Intelligent Satellite Teams for Space Systems University of Washington
Dr. Neville J. Woolf Very Large Optics for the Study of Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
Dr. Paul Gorenstein An Ulta-High Throughput X-Ray Astronomy Observatory with a New Mission Architecture Smithsonian Institute, Astrophysical Observatory
Mr. Ivan Bekey A Structureless Extremely large Yet Very lightweight Swarm Array Space Telescope Bekey Designs