October 2004 Annual Meeting

Dr. Robert Cassanova Opening Presentation NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Paul Spudis Keynote Speaker -- The New Presidential Space Vision Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Dava J. Newman Astronaut Bio Suit System for Exploration Class Missions Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Todd Robotic Lunar Ecopoiesis Test Bed Space Hardware Optimization Technology,Inc.
John Manobianco Global Environmental MEMS Sensors: A Revolutionary Observing System for the 21st Century ENSCO, Incorporated
Alexey Pankine Sailing the Planets: Science from Directed Aerial Robot Explorers Global Aerospace Corporation
Calvin College Team Global System for Monitoring Earth Radiation Balance Calvin College
Anthony Colozza Solid State Aircraft Ohio Aerospace Corporation
Narayanan Komerath Tailored Force Fields Georgia Institute of Technology
Zach Adam The Origin of Life and Spaceflight Biospherics University of Washington
Robert Hoyt Keynote Speaker -- Space Tethers: Lessons for Developing Revolutionary Technologies Tethers Unlimited
Gerald Jackson Antimatter Driven Sail for Deep Space Hbar Technologies, LLC
John Slough The Plasma Magnet University of Washington
Raymond Sedwick Electromagnetic Formation Flight Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Constantinos Mavroidis Bio-Nano-Machines for Space Applications Northeastern University
Florin Mingireanu Ramjet Statoreactor Louisiana State University
Parviz Soroushian Inherently Adaptive Structural Systems Technova Corporation
Darin Ragozzine / Frank White Collectible Projectosats California Institute of Technology / Harvard University