March 2004 Fellows Meeting

Dr. Robert Cassanova Welcome and Status of NIAC Activities NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Jerry Grey Perspectives on Propulsion for Future Space Missions Consultant
Steven Howe Micro Asteroid Prospector Powered by Energetic Radioisotopes: MAPPER Hbar Technologies
Steven Dubowsky Microbots for Large-Scale Planetary Surface and Subsurface MIT
Gregory Chirikjian Architecture for Unmanned Self-Replicating Lunar Factories Johns Hopkins University
Bradley Edwards Keynote Speaker - Development Process for the Space Elevator Director of Research, Institute for Scientific Research
Jarret M. Lafleur Daedalon: A Revolutionary Morphing Spacecraft Design for Planetary Exploration Georgia Institute of Technology
Kam Yee Verde Base (A Lunar Greenhouse) South Seattle Community College
Darin Ragozzine Biomining for In-situ Resource Utilization Harvard University
Tihamer Toth-Fejel Modeling Kinematic Cellular Automata: An Approach to Self- Replication General Dynamics
John Olds The League of Extraordinary Machines: A Rapid and Scalable Approach to Planetary Defense Against Asteroid Impactors SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc.
Paul Todd Robotic Lunar Ecopoiesis Space Hardware Optimization Technology (SHOT), Inc.
Kenneth Edwards Keynote Speaker - Propulsion and Power with Positrons Director, Revolutionary Munitions Air Force Research Laboratory
John Slough The Plasma Magnet University of Washington
Jordin Kare Modular Laser Launch Architecture: Analysis and Beam Module Design KareTechnical Consulting
Nathaniel Fisch Optimal Navigation in a Plasma Medium General Plasma Technologies LLC
James A. Garvin Keynote Speaker - Mars Program Update Lead Scientist for Mars Exploration Office of Space Science, NASA
M. P. Ulmer Self Assembly of Optical Structures in Space Northwestern University
James Wertz High Resolution Structureless Telescope Microcosm, Inc.