March 2005 Fellows Meeting

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Meeting Agenda

Shahla Abdi, a 16 year old art student, gives her impressions of the NIAC Fellows Meeting, March 15-16, 2005, at NIAC Headquarters in Atlanta.


Dr. Robert Cassanova Welcome and Status of NIAC Activities NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Richard Wassersug Keynote Speaker - What Do We Really Know about How Animals Develop and Behave in Weightlessness? Dalhousie University
Roger Angel A Deep Field Infrared Observatory Near the Lunar Pole University of Arizona
Webster Cash New World Imager University of Colorado
Joel Achenbach Keynote Speaker - Whatever Happened to the Space Age? Washington Post
Andrew Bingham Deployment of an Interstellar Electromagnetic Acceleration System Clarkson University
Wendy Boss Redesigning Living Organisms to Survive on Mars North Carolina State University
Charles Buhler Analysis of a Lunar Base Electrostatic Radiation Shield Concept ASRC Aerospace Corporation
Jeffrey Hoffman and Peter Fisher Use of Superconducting Magnet Technology for Astronaut Radiation Protection MIT
Chris Moore Keynote Speaker - Overview of NASA's Space Technology Program NASA HQ
Jerome Pearson Lunar Space Elevators for Cislunar Space Development Star Technology & Research, Inc.
Robert Winglee Magnetized Beamed Plasma Propulsion (MagBeam) University of Washington
Ivan Bekey Extremely Large Swarm Array of Picosats for Microwave/RF Earth Sensing, Radiometry & Mapping Bekey Designs Incorporated
Craig Woolsey A Self-Sustaining, Boundary-Layer-Adapted System for Terrrain Exploration and Environmental Samplling Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Ricky Morgan Wide Bandwidth Deep Space Quantum Communications Morgan Optics Corporation
Richard Fork Efficient Direct Conversion of Sunlight to Coherent Light at High Average Power in Space University of Alabama, Huntsville
Chris Phoenix Large-Product General-Purpose Design and Manufacturing Using Nanoscale Modules Center for Responsible Nanotechnology