March 2006 Fellows Meeting

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Meeting Agenda

Dr. Robert Cassanova Welcome and Status of NIAC Activities NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Dr. John Cramer Keynote Speaker - The Blind Men and the Quantum University of Washington
Mason Peck Lorentz-Actuated Orbits: Electrodynamic Propulsion without a Tether Cornell University
Young Bae A Contamination-Free Ultrahigh Precision Formation Flight Method Based on Intracavity Photon Thrusters and Tethers Bae Institute
Brian Gilchrist Scalable Flat-Panel Nano-Particle Propulsion Technology for Space Exploration in the 21st Century University of Michigan
Gerald Smith Positron Propelled and Powered Space Transport Vehicle for Planetary Missions Positronics Research LLC
Nestor Voronka Modular Spacecraft with Integrated Structural Electrodynamic Propulsion Tethers Unlimited, Inc.
Andrew Bingham Interstellar Exploration by Repeated External Acceleration Clarkson University
Aimee Covert Advanced Concept for Detection of Weather Hazards on Mars: Non-Thermal Microwave Emissions by Colliding Dust/Sand Particles University of Michigan
Herbert Schnopper Ultra-High Resolution Fourier Transform X-Ray Interferometer Mad City Labs, Inc.
Sharon Garrison Funding Opportunities for NIAC Fellows NASA
Pamela Menges Artificial Neural Membrane Flapping Wing Aerospace Research Systems, Inc.
George Maise Multi-MICE: A Network of Interactive Nuclear Cryoprobes to Explore Ice Sheets on Mars and Europa Plus Ultra Technologies, Inc.
James Powell Magnetically Inflated Cable (MIC) System for Space Applications Plus Ultra Technologies, Inc.
Joseph Fronczek Bio-Inspired Sensor Swarms to Detect Leaks in Pressurized Systems New Mexico State University
Eric Bonabeau Customizable, Reprogrammable, Food Preparation, Production and Invention System Icosystem Corporation
Gerald Jackson Antimatter Harvesting in Space Hbar Technologies, LLC.
James Bickford Extraction of antiparticles Concentrated in Planetary Magnetic Fields Draper Labratory
Nicholas Boechler Direct Conversion for Solar Space Power Georgia Institute of Technology
Brian Sikkema Wind Driven Power Generation on Titan Michigan Technological Institute