March 2007 Fellows Meeting

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Meeting Agenda

Dr. Robert Cassanova Welcome and Status of NIAC Activities NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
John Slough Plasma Magnetic Shield for Crew Exploration University of Washington
Matthew Silver Bio-electric Space Exploration Intact Labs
Daniella Della-Guistina The Martian Bus Schedule: An Innovative Technique for Protecting Humans on a Journey to Mars University of Arizona
David Akin Development of a Single-Fluid Consumable Infrastructure for Life Support, Power, Propulsion, and thermal Control University of Maryland
Floris van Breugel Evolution of a Scalable, Hovering Flapping Robot Cornell University
Dr. Paul Spudis Keynote Speaker Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Robert Hoyt Reduction of Trapped Energetic Particle Fluxes in Earth and Jovian Radiation Belts Tethers Unlimited
Jonathan Sharma START: Utilizing Near-Earth Asteroids with Tether Technologies Georgia Institute of Technology
Mason Peck In-Orbit Assembly of Modular Space Systems with Non-Contacting, Flux- Pinned Interfaces Cornell University
Dr. Ronald Turner Keynote Speaker - "Grand Challenges in Space Radiation Protection" Analytic Services
Moderator: Bob Scaringe Panel on Funding Opportunities Beyond NIAC AVG Communications
Panelist: Doug Comstock Panel on Funding Opportunities Beyond NIAC NASA
Panelist: George Petracek Panel on Funding Opportunities Beyond NIAC Atrium Capital
Panelist: Rahul Saxena Panel on Funding Opportunities Beyond NIAC Seraph Group
Panelist: Paul Eremenko Panel on Funding Opportunities Beyond NIAC Booz Allen Hamilton
Guillermo Trotti Extreme eXPeditionary Architecture (EXPArch): Mobile, Adaptable Systems for Space and Earth Exploration Trotti and Associates
Devon Crowe Self-Deployed Space or Planetary Habitats and Extremely Large Structures PSI Corporation
Tom Ditto Primary Objective Grating Astronomical Telescope DeWitt Brothers Tool Company
J. Michael Burgess Advanced Grazing Incidence Neutron Imaging System University of Alabama, Huntsville
Joe Ritter Large Ultra-Lightweight Photonic Muscle Telescope University of Hawaii
Roger Angel Practicality of a Solar Shield in Space to Counter Global Warming University of Arizona
Rigel Woida The Road to Mars University of Arizona
George Williams Spacecraft Propulsion Utilizing Pondermotive Forces Ohio Aerospace Institute