October 2001 Fellows Meeting

Dr. Robert Cassanova Opening Presentation NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts
Dr. Ron White Keynote Speaker, Day 1 National Space Biomedical Research Institute
Dr. Terri L. Lomax A Flexible Architecture for Plant Functional Genomics in Space Environments Oregon State University
Dr. Dava J. Newman Astronaut Bio-Suit System for Exploration Class Missions Massachusetts Institution of Technology
Edward Hodgson A Chameleon Suit to Liberate Human Exploration of Space Space Systems International, Inc
George Cybenko A Novel Information Management Architecture for Maintaining Long-Duration Space Crews Dartmouth College
H. John Caulfield 3D Viewing of Images on the Basis of 2D Images Fisk University
Dr. Guoging Zhou Architectureof "Intelligent Earth Observation Satellite for Common Users in 2010-2050 Old Dominion University
Dr. Larry Paxton Global Observations and Alerts from Lagrange-Point, Pole-Sitter and Geosynchronous Orbits The John Hopkins University
Dr. Ross N. Hoffman Controlling the Global Weather Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.
Dr. David P. Bacon Adaptive Observation Strategies for Advanced Weather Prediction Science Applicatons International Corporation
Henry Everitt Keynote Speaker, Day 2 Army Research Office
Dr. Terry Kammash Ultrafast Laser-Driven Plasma for Space Propulsion University of Michigan
Dr. Jordin T. Kare High-Acceleration Micro-Scale Laser Sails for Interstellar Propulsion Kare Technical Consulting
Dr. Michael R. LaPointe Formation Flying with Shepherd satellites Ohio Aerospace Institute
Dr. Lyon B. King Propellantless Control of Spacecraft Swarms Using Coulomb Forces Michigan Technological University
John Paniagua Europa Sample Return Mission Utilizing High Specific Impulse Propulsion Refueled with Indigenous Resources Plus Ultra Technologies
John R. Rose Achieving Comprehensive Mission Robustness University of South Carolina
Nick Omidi High Speed Interplanetary Tug/Cocoon Vehicles (HITVs) SciberNet, Inc.
Dr. Carlo Montemagno Directed Application of Nanobiotechnology for the Development of Autonomous Biobots Cornell University
Glenn D. Starkman Ultrahigh Resolution X-Ray Astronom Using Steerable Occulting Satellites Case Western Reserve University