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2003-2004 Student Winners

Previous student winners

At the 6th Annual meeting, NIAC's Phase II NSVFP fellows from academic year 2003-2004 presented their concepts in a half-hour talk format. Their presentations are available here.

Also at the annual meeting, Phase I student competitors presented posters which were judged by experts from NIAC's Science Council. Phase I winners are listed below. As a result of the judging, a Phase II NSVFP award was granted to Andrew Bingham of Clarkson University. Andrew will continue to develop his concept and present it in March in Atlanta.

  • Andrew Bingham
    Clarkson University
    "Deployment of an interstellar Electromagnetic Acceleration System"
  • Xiadong Liu, Yu Liang, QiChang Liang
    Michigan State University
    "Propulsion by the Recoil of the Field Momentum"
  • Chris Malow, University of Virginia and Danielle Adams
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    "Humanitarian Systems Enabled by Space Solar Power"
  • Hunter Marks
    Louisiana State University
    "Towards a Decision Support System for Selecting a Landing Site
  • Tommy Sebastian
    North Carolina State University
    "Lunar Scout Vehicle - A Novel Long-Range Lunar Rover"
  • Neil Toronto
    Brigham Young University
    "Creative Autonomous Vehicles"